First hold peace within yourself, only then can you bring it to others.~Thomas a Kempis
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Mindfulness Retreat in the Tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh

Coming Together to Begin Anew

The Honey Locust Sangha

Spring Retreat

Thursday, May 12 – Sunday, May 15

Creighton University Retreat Center

Although the Beginning Anew practice is usually used to prevent misunderstandings in relationships, or to support and maintain happy relationships, or to heal hurting relationships, in this retreat we’ll use the 4 part practice to look within ourselves.

Thay says, “Beginning Anew is to change your mind and heart, to transform the ignorance that brought about wrong actions of body, speech, and mind, and to help you cultivate your mind of love.”

That’s our focus for this retreat: Using the Beginning Anew practice to renew, refresh and restore our personal practice; to explore how we can change our mind and heart, how we can transform our ignorance and cultivate a mind of love.

Terry Cortez Vega

Dharma Teacher, Terry Cortez-Vega

Sr. Terry was ordained as a Dharmacharya in 2012.

Terry has offered Dharma talks at meditation and mindfulness retreats and workshops.

Terry is happily married to Gustavo Cortez-Vega and they live in the country with horses, chickens, too many cats, a fat polka-dot pig, a rabbit, two dogs, and various wild critters.

Retreat Pricing:

Thursday – Sunday $275
Friday – Sunday $215

Due to safety concerns all rooms will be single occupancy except for

couples and close friends who have agreed to share a room.

Includes meals, dana(teacher donation), room costs, and dharma hall fees

Zoom Option

Suggested donation of $50 for dana to the teacher.


Retreat attendance will be limited

to 40 in person participants.

Online access for dharma talks and meditation sessions

will be available via Zoom for those unable to attend in person.

All attendees must register.

Proof of COVID vaccinations will be verified at check-in.

Six Mantras

The Six Mantras

June 16, 2012. 99-minute dharma talk by Thich Nhat Hanh from Upper Hamlet in Plum Village during the 21-Day Retreat with the theme The Science of the Buddha. The talk is given in English and this is the eleventh dharma talk (of 15). The podcast is available at this link.

1.teaPK Darling, I am here for you.
Darling, I know you are there and it makes me happy.
Darling, I know you suffer.
Darling, I suffer, please help.
This is a Happy Moment.
Darling, you are partly right.

The last one is new and for when someone congratulates or criticizes you.

Discipline of Rewiring the Brain

In June of this year, a 21 day Mindfulness retreat was hosted at Plum Village in France for scientists throughout the world, taught by the Vietnamese  Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh.  At this retreat Thay explained the connection between the five mental formations and the neural pathways in the brain. He describes how, with the practice of mindfulness, we can erase the neural pathways that lead to suffering and open new paths that lead understanding and happiness.

From this came an article by Paul Tingen call Using Mindfulness to Rewire the Brain.We’re reading this article at the end of classes at the Yoga Path to foster a practice of tapa/discipline (the third niyama),. We are striving to do things in our lives that strengthen well-being and thus allowing us to be strong enough to mindfully embrace and transform the suffering in our life.  The link to this article is below.

Rewiring the Brain

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