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Suzanne Swang

Suzanne Swag

Suzanne Swang
Suzanne was first inspired by yoga in 1985 with Lilias Folan on PBS television and from there was mostly self taught until she came to Omaha. She studied with Susi Amendola and was a mentor of thewas a mentor of the OYBC Teacher Training for 3 years. Suzanne has also studied with Mark Watson. At Kripalu Yoga Center she received her 200-hour certification as well as attended an advanced Pranayama workshop. Her interest in therapeutic Yoga led her to study with Joseph Le Page and complete her 500 hour certification in 2005 with Integrative Yoga Therapy. Before starting her family she flew to India with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait and Rolf Solvik on a spiritual pilgrimage, an absolutely amazing experience.
She recently has enjoyed a fantastic workshop with Shakta Kaur Kalsa in Radiant Child training Level I and II. She has two wonderful little girls at home, Sky & Sage, which is her main practice and focus! Thank goodness for Radiant Child training and her 10-day Vipassana Silent Meditation retreat ~ there is not much silence in her home now!!! She is so very grateful for all her teachers in her life who have shared their knowledge and love of yoga.