Pony Creek Yoga Lodge

Friday June 28 to Saturday June 29

4:00 pm Friday – 3:00 pm Saturday

A curiosity arises in abandoning ourselves into just wandering. Wandering leads to surprise encounters with people, places, and events leading to momentary discoveries of unexpected things that didn’t even know a few steps prior. In Wandering on the Way, the Taoist master Chuang Tzu wrote, “Great understanding is broad and unhurried while little understanding is cramped and busy. The Way has never known boundaries.” To wander is to move outside the familiar, into territory on the cusp of continuous change.

At this early summer yoga camp, we will make wandering part of day long practice. We will take one day to wander unhurried, step outside the routine we usually follow,  and move into the wide open air. Move without schedule, aim, or intention. Let things unfold before your eyes, one by one. Learn to attend to things and move on. Let each thing arise in its own unique way and cling to nothing. By this, we take a walk in the path of this world.

“I can only meditate when I am walking. When I stop I cease to think, my mind only works with my legs.”

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Pony Creek Nature Park is located 30 minutes from Omaha, near Glenwood Iowa. If you choose to sign up for this one day Yoga retreat you will practice yoga taught by Mark Watson, meditation, hiking, sharing meals and stories, along with wandering. There are two large cabins available which sleep 10 people each, as well as kitchens for cooking potluck meals. (More details and schedule will be provided when you have registered.) Since the distance is not far, a commuter option is available as well.

The Pony Creek Yoga Lodge is just over the hill from the cabins. This is a precious opportunity to immerse yourself in the practice of yoga in conditions that lend themselves to a very rich and deep practice, beautiful nature, wonderful people, and aimless wandering.

The cost is $50, but financial assistance is available.


Register here or sign up at the Yoga Path

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