During the Late Summer Intensive in August, we had guest teacher, Suzanne Swang, teach a pranayama class on yogic breathing. For all those who attended (as well as  for those who didn’t) below is an outline of what she had us do in class. Practice of just a few minutes of one or two of these exercises would be very beneficial. Enjoy:

Thanks again for the opportunity to teach at your beautiful center.  It is such a peaceful space & l love seeing you all!

 Here is the outline of the pranayamas that I taught:

Standing Breath of Joy– conducting the orchestra (with or without the jump)

Agni Sara – pulling the stomach inwards and upwards (with or without the stomach pumping)

Sun Breaths – sweeping the arms out to the sides and up overhead (with or without the toe raise)

Ujjayi & Dirga – ocean sounding breath and 3-part breath

Kapalabati – breath of fire (stomach pumping)

Counting the breath with the metronome

Nadi Shodahana – alternate nostril breathing

Have a great class today – wish I could come, 

Joyfully, Suzanne